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Rosanne has over 10 years experience working in building conservation. She has a degree in Civil and Structural Engineering with a post- graduate diploma in Applied Building Repair and Conservation from Trinity College. She further specialised in building materials during her PhD and post doctorate research undertaking detailed analysis of their thermal and moisture behaviour. Her results and finding have been extensively published and a selection is listed below.


Published Articles



  1. R. Walker and S. Pavía, Performance of a range of thermal insulations in a historic building, Article for Engineer’s Ireland Journal, 2016 (LINK)

  2. R. Walker and S. Pavía, Improving the airtightness of an early 20th century house, Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science Studies, 2(3), 2016 pp 312-321. (LINK)

  3. R. Walker and S. Pavía, Thermal Performance of a selection of insulation materials suitable for historic buildings, Building and Environment, 94, 2015, p1 55– 165, Journal Article (LINK)

  4. R Walker S Pavía, Thermal and hygric properties of insulation materials suitable for historic fabrics., COINVEDI III International Congress on Construction and Building Research, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid , December 2015, Conference Paper

  5. R. Walker, S. Pavía and M Dalton, Measurement of moisture content in solid brick walls using timber dowel, Materials and Structures, 2015, p1 – 13, Journal Article

  6. S. Pavía, R. Walker, J. McGinn, Effect of testing variables on the compressive strength of lime hemp concrete, First International Conference on Bio-based Building Materials, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2015 Conference Paper, 2015

  7. R. Walker and S. Pavía, Influence of the Type of Binder on the Properties of Lime-Hemp Concrete in, editor(s)Llinares-Millán, C., Fernandez-Plazaola, I., Hidalgo-Delgado, F., Martínez-Valenzuela, M.M., Medina-Ramon, F.J., Oliver-Faubel, I., Rodriguez-Abad, I., Salandin, A., Sanchez-Grandia, R., Tort-Ausina, I. , Construction and Building Research part V, Springer, 2014, pp505 - 515, Book Chapter, 2014

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  14. Grimes, J., Kinnane, O., Walker, R. and Pavía, S., 2013. In situ measurement of the sound absorption characteristics of existing building fabrics. Proceedings of Institute of Acoustics, Vol 35, Manchester, UK., Proceedings of the Institute of Acoustics , Manchester, UK., 35, 2013 Conference Paper, 2013

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  20. R. Walker and S. Pavía, Behaviour and Properties of Lime-Pozzolan Pastes, 8th International Masonry Conference, Dresden, July 2010, edited by W. Jäger, B. Haseltine, A. Fried , 2010, pp353 – 362 Conference Paper, 2010 

Dr Rosanne Walker (BA BAI PGDip PhD)


ALRY Building Consultants

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