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Conservation Advice

Alry can provide a wide range of conservation advice to homeowners and architects including

  • Architectural heritage impact assessments for planning applications

  • Building conservation reports

  • Grant applications

  • Repair advice and methodologies for building fabric such as damaged plasterwork, spalling bricks etc.

  • Advice on water ingress into buildings and the associated problems with damp and mould


Material Analysis

Material analysis is often required to determine more information about building fabric to ensure its proper repair and conservation Material analysis can identify the original colour scheme of a room, the age of the timber building elements (dendochronology) or the exact composition of building materials (ie the presence of gypsum in lime plaster). Alry in association with specialist research laboratories can undertake building material analysis and advise on the most appropriate analysis techniques and interpretation of results.

Historic Research

Rosanne Walker has undertaken research of historic houses, businesses and towns for home and business owners, architects and local authorities. Alry can assist with any queries relating to building age, style, original use etc.  Additionally historic information such as old photographs, drawings and maps can also be sourced.

ALRY Building Consultants

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